LeRoy Youth Soccer Association

P.O. Box 144, Le Roy, New York 14482




ONLINE REGISTRATION:  If your child did not play in our 2013 summer league or after, you will be considered a "New" player when you go to register online.  

If you had at least one child participate in the 2013 summer league or later, choose "At least one member of my family registered before" and continue with the online process from there. If any of your information has changed, please change that information in the system.  


EVERYONE who participated in the 2013 summer league or after is in our system and was given a password to utilize for further registrations.  If you cannot locate that password, just follow the directions in the system to access your information.  If you are having difficulties getting in, please email us at the below address and someone will get back to you.


EVERYONE -- Please use your child's name that is on their birth certificate.

Thank you. 


QUESTIONSContact [email protected]